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Alpha Apex Global, the « success story » of online brokerage

The Alpha Apex Global Limited IPO Fund is a three-year fund that places itself in the top 25 private US and HK tech companies and purchases equity in them. It is normally very difficult for non-US and Hong Kong citizen to purchase equity in private US and HK businesses before they have gone public (by which time the cost of shares has often risen dramatically.)

“Alpha Apex Global Limited offers a unique opportunity for you to invest in private US and HK tech firms.”

The beauty of Alpha Apex Global Limited is the opportunity for you to invest in late-stage major IPO companies at a lower risk than start-ups, and still have the large growth prospect on their capital.

This fund is completely unique and standalone, offering the stability of seeing your capital gain a fixed dividend of 10% per year with the excitement of large cash payments as companies list and grow. g

Access some of the biggest IPOs of the year

AirBNB, Alibaba (Hong Kong) and Ant Financial are three of the biggest private companies which filed IPOs in 2019 and are set to be the biggest listings of the year – that means no lengthy waiting for a return on your capital.

Alpha Apex Global Limited has signed liquidity for 10% of the fund to acquire equity in each one of those IPOs – that´s 30% of the fund assigned to the three largest IPOs in 2019. It´s almost impossible for private clients to purchase shares in these major private companies at this late stage before they list (and even more so if you are not a US citizen).

How the fund works

Alpha Apex Global Limited provides a fixed dividend of 30% a year from fund liquidity which can be paid monthly, quarterly or per annum to fund members. The fund then pays out during fund events when companies list or are sold, usually resulting in a tremendous increase in value.

Members can either opt to hold their allocation of shares when companies list. or they can liquidate. This provides you with full control over your investment and you can either opt to liquidate your entire capital after the fund's term or liquidate part of your holding or continue with equity in the companies.

Advantages of Alpha Apex Global

  • Won best Hong Kong broker award
  • FINMA regulated
  • Hong Kong deposit guarantee of up to HKD 100’000
  • Very attractive brokerage fees
  • You are in control 24/7, wherever you are
  • No minimum deposit
  • A free multi-currency securities account
  • A solid partner with an international focus
  • Highly secure, fast and reliable systems
  • The «success story» of online stock trading in Europe